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For carpet you can count on

Nothing is as welcoming, as gorgeous, and as beneficial as carpet flooring, although some homeowners have never tried it in their own homes. We’re here to tell you a bit more about how this floor covering can meet many, if not all, of your needs. What’s more, there are a variety of benefits you’ll enjoy as well, some of which you might never even have considered before reading this. The fact is, this is flooring that works in many different homes and satisfies many different needs, all in one intricate product. You’ll definitely want to find out more, so keep reading along with us.

At Shasta Lake Floors, you’ll quickly realize that our number one priority is you, our honored customer. Having been in business for more than 20 years, our customers have always been the most important part of our business. We also offer a wonderful selection of flooring for every need, no-pressure sales staff ready to serve you, and affordable prices for every budget. From our Shasta Lake, CA showroom, we serve the communities of Redding, Shasta Lake, Red Bluff, Anderson, and Mount Shasta. We look forward to your visit when we can have the honor of gaining your business as well. Stop by at your convenience.

Carpet benefits for every homeowner

If you think there’s nothing carpet can do for you, you’re definitely going to want to find out more. The truth is, carpet has a lot to offer, as the only soft surface floor covering available. For instance, if you have toddlers or elderly persons in your home, you’ll appreciate the added safety this material brings. Not only does it provide a warm and safe surface for little knees and feet, but it also provides a more stable surface for walking aides. This helps reduce the number of falls that often occur, and lessens the chance for serious injury if they do happen.

What’s more, modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible to have better stain protection than ever before. With stain resistance built into the very fibers of the carpet itself, you won’t have to worry about permanent stains ever again. Not only does the protection keep stains from setting in, but it doesn’t wash off, even after many professional cleanings. That means you won’t have to reapply harsh chemicals on a regular basis to maintain a nice, clean floor.

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