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The perfect flooring could be hardwood

There’s no doubt that hardwood flooring is highly coveted by many homeowners. With benefits such as extreme length of lifespan, excessive durability, and a great variety of appearances, you simply can’t go wrong with this material on your floors. It also offers a timelessness that allows these floors to grow from flooring trend to flooring trend with very few changes necessary. In fact, in many cases, a simple area rug might be all you need to change up the mood in a room floored with solid wood. Better still, it could be the last floor covering you’ll ever need to install in your home.

At Shasta Lake Floors, we make every effort to let our customers know they are the highest priority in our business. We stock an excellent selection of high-quality flooring materials, making sure to provide for every possible budget level. Our professional sales, design, and installation staff provide excellent service across every step of your own unique flooring experience. From our Shasta Lake, CA showroom, we service the communities of Redding, Shasta Lake, Red Bluff, Anderson, and Mount Shasta, and we look very forward to the opportunity to serve you as well. Be sure to stop by at your convenience.

Hardwood flooring offers lots of options

Once you settle on hardwood floors as your flooring of choice, you still have a few options left. For instance, choosing the perfect species of wood, a complementary stain color, and a worthy finish are all necessary components to finish off your overall look. Each aspect has its own necessary considerations and our qualified flooring specialists will walk you through each one, personally.

Refinishing is something that helps your hardwood floors reach their maximum lifespan potential. After decades of use, wear will start to show and refinishing can strip it all away, leaving a like-new finish for you to enjoy. During the refinishing process, if you like, you can change your stain color and finish type. Some homeowners do this to match a new trend they’ve decided to go with, while others might just want something a little different.

It’s important to note that solid hardwood floors can never be installed in basements or any other below-ground space. For areas like this, there are several alternatives available that will offer the same great wood-look, without the problems that can occur with the real thing.

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